As a carrier that handles specialized commodities, we recognize the potential impact of our operations on the communities that we serve. Prospective Caron drivers must participate in our rigorous in-house selection and training process. Everyone involved in the handling of specialized commodities undergoes comprehensive training and routinely participates in emergency response simulation exercises.

Safety worker on site installing material that was delivered by Caron Transport


We are extremely proud of our safety record and make safety a key priority in every interaction.  Industry-wide safety principles are rigorously followed in both our fixed and mobile workplaces.

Closeup of someone doing an audit evaluating data


Caron consistently meets and exceeds the requirements of our compliance partners in the industry.  Our employees participate in many third-party audits from COR (Certificate of Recognition) to motor carrier and insurance evaluations, with excellent results.  

  • Memberships with:  ISNetworld, Avetta, and ComplyWorks
  • Customer audits, regulatory audits; COR
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Our approach ensures a safe and healthy workplace and minimizes our potential impact on the environment. Caron’s equipment meets stringent emissions standards, and we actively introduce green technologies into our operation.

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